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Where people leave their old ways to meet their new self

Process of Change provides quality mental health care services to people who are hope-depleted, maladaptive thinkers, practicing behaviors that facilitate negative outcomes, and faced with unmet basic needs.

We provide counseling services for substance abuse, sober coaching, lifestyle coping skill development, anger management, and domestic violence. Through psychoeducation, individual and group sessions, and follow-up support services, networking with our clients in an ongoing support capacity is feasible.

We put people at the center of treatment which helps reinvent how they conceptualize recovery. We share specialized solutions focused on knowledge and awareness that empowers and promotes the process that teaches establishment and maintenance of recovery.

Mission Statement

POC provides services to the community at large, including at-risk populations. POC is seeking to be an inspirational service provider that meets its clients— those that are hope depleted and faced with unmet basic needs being met— at the point of their system of belief. Recovery is possible through community support, social support, and mental and physical health support. We are committed to providing wrap-around support services, connecting clients with the resources to address their wellbeing. With these ongoing community partnering services, POC believes the client is presented with an opportunity to establish and maintain sobriety. POC has a highly structured curriculum program of recovery with comprehensive treatment to include grounding techniques that, if practiced, the client may reduce the intensity and frequency of symptoms.

Vision Statement

Process of Change provides services to the community at large, including at-risk populations. We seek to be an inspirational service provider that meets our clients at the point of their system of belief.

Meet Dennis Wingfield

Dennis Wingfield

Mr. Wingfield has over 30 years of experience in the field with at-risk populations, ranging from working in multiple treatment modalities including locked Mental Health Facilities with Penal Code patients and both inpatient and outpatient major service providers such as Tarzana treatment center, Mary Lind Foundation, Cri-Help, Action Family Counseling, and current Department of Mental Health Palmdale Clinic as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Dennis facilitated anger management and domestic violence through Volunteers of America in Los Angeles, CA. Dennis completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Counseling with an emphasis on Chemical Dependency and Addiction. He is currently completing a Master of Arts Degree in Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with an emphasis in trauma and PTSD. He is also attending a certification program in Positive Applied Psychology through the City of Palmdale, California. His extensive group dynamic training and experience will be of great help for those who can benefit from obtaining group therapy/psychodynamic training (Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Drug & Alcohol, etc).

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